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Advertiser-funded Programming. The Factory Media Case Study: ‘The Indestructibles’ Reaches 34 Milion

2016 April 26
by Peter Hamilton
Factory map

Factory Media specializes in creating content in the lifestyle sports, outdoors and adventure genres. Its Advertiser-funded Programming (AFP) model signals an increasingly important area of opportunity for producers of unscripted content. AFP matters at a time when budgets and slots are being cut back on the channels… And VOD platforms aren’t filling the gaps with new […]

How Did Rupert Become ‘Rupert’? An ANZAC Day Reflection on the ‘Aussie Prince’

2016 April 21
by Peter Hamilton

For ANZAC Day (April 25), I tweaked my reflections on how the Gallipoli debacle helped make Rupert ‘Rupert.’ An Australian Prince: You can’t get a fix on Rupert Murdoch until you understand the father: Keith Murdoch was the son of a Scottish Presbyterian minister who had settled in the respectable Eastern suburbs of far away […]

Amazon Prime Challenges Netflix With Monthly Subscriptions / SVOD Shakes Up Aussie Viewing

2016 April 18
by Peter Hamilton

The SVOD market just became much more competitive. Amazon announced two new monthly subscription options for its Prime SVOD service: $8.99 monthly for a new video-only version of its Prime service. $10.99 a month for access to the full Prime service, including video streaming, free two-day shipping on Amazon orders, music streaming and other services. Refocus on […]

MIPTV Takeaways: Netflix, Amazon & Hulu Dominate the U.S. SVOD Boom. A Reality Check

2016 April 15
by Peter Hamilton
OTT Market share

“New platforms everywhere!” That was a big theme at MIPTV and MIPDOC. And with every boom comes inflated hope. Documentary and factual producers are looking to the new OTT (Over-the-Top) and SVOD (Subscription Video on Demand) platforms to bolster their prospects in a tough climate. I found very useful context for the SVOD Boom in the […]


2016 April 14
by Peter Hamilton

ContentChina syndicated our coverage of the craft of international documentary distribution, featuring Windrose‘s 2016 MIPTV campaign. The original post in English is here.   Out thanks to ContentChina‘s Carrie Huo.

Windrose Case Study : A Boutique Documentary Distributor Prepares for MIPTV

2016 March 28
by Peter Hamilton
windrose 3

Welcome to the world of the boutique, international documentary distributor! Windrose is a Paris- and Nuremburg-based firm headed by Pauline Mazenod. In this unique Case Study, Pauline shares in generous detail her strategy, key business practices, advice for documentary producers, and much, much more. Before Windrose At the French Foreign Affairs ministry in Paris, Pauline […]

ABC Australia Restructures: Dramatic Rise of Digital Viewing

2016 March 24
by Peter Hamilton
abc logo

ABC Australia is implementing a major reorg that will see all programming report to Rebecca Heap in her new role, head of audience and digital. ABC said the reorg was a reaction to ‘dramatic audience behaviour shifts’ and meant it was taking a ‘platform agnostic’ approach to creating and distributing programming. Creative responsibilities will be divided […]

AIDC VOD Takeaways (2/2): Definitions & Players

2016 March 20
by Peter Hamilton
Netflix HAnds

The expert panelists at our “DEMYSTIFYING VOD” panel at this month’s excellent AIDC were: Rebecca Heap, Head of Strategy and Digital, iView / ABC Australia Sharon Ramsay-Luck, Head of Sales & Business Development, ABC Commercial Roger Jackson, Co-founder and COO, Kinonation, Los Angeles You can find my brief interviews with Rebecca and Sharon here. I caught […]