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  • International Documentary Buyer's Guide 2014-15

Leftfield Entertainment Snapshot, Networks Served (2 of 2)

2014 September 14
by Peter Hamilton

We round out our 2014 snapshot of the poster-baby of the Reality TV Boom, Leftfield Entertainment: Which networks are buying? And where is the growth? The #’s speak for themselves: A 900% +/- increase in networks served over 5 years. Notably a shift from reliance on Pawn Stars and A+E Networks, which was achieved through organic development by Leftfield [...]

GZDOC Guangzhou & WCSFP Hong Kong: Close Proximity, Collaboration and Joint Discount

2014 September 14
by Peter Hamilton

by Michel Noll Board Member, GZDOC When China’s most influential documentary festival, GZDOC in Guangzhou (formerly Canton) learned that Science Congress will hold its 2014 event in Beijing, the Board decided to intensively cooperate with WCSFP. The aim: To promote networking between foreign and Chinese filmmakers, broadcasters and producers. The rationale was that there are at [...]

World Congress of Science & Factual Producers Relocates to Hong Kong

2014 September 5
by Peter Hamilton

by WCSFP, Toronto, September 4, 2014. The World Congress of Science and Factual Producers (WCSFP) has announced that it has relocated its upcoming Congress from Beijing to Hong Kong. The event will now take place at the luxurious Kowloon Shangri-La Hotel on the same dates, November 18-21, 2014. The decision to relocate follows recent events [...]

Leftfield Entertainment: The Snapshot After the Acquisition, 2014 (1 of 2)

2014 September 4
by Peter Hamilton

This week and next: the Leftfield Entertainment Snapshot, 2014: How many hours? What are the shows? Which networks are buying? And where is the growth? Most of us were stunned when Leftfield Entertainment, the force behind the History hit Pawn Stars was recently acquired by ITV Studios at a valuation of $450 Mn. The Rise and Rise of Leftfield Entertainment [...]

Inside POV (2/2): The Filters & Selection Process. Your Odds of Success?

2014 August 19
by Peter Hamilton

We continue our coverage of POV, the flagship PBS documentary strand with a peak audience of 1.9Mn viewers. In this post: What is POV’s selection process, from Open Call to Offer? The Filters. Timeline? Who decides? What are your odds? Also: links to POV 2014 selections. SELECTION PROCESS Filters: Great non-fiction storytelling. Address social issues and issues neglected [...]

Inside PBS’s POV Documentary Strand (1/2): How Many Greenlights? The Fees? Budgets? And Rights?

2014 August 13
by Peter Hamilton

POV is the flagship PBS strand for ‘authored’ documentaries. We caught up with POV’s Executive Producer Simon Kilmurry in DUMBO, a short walk from my office along the East River and under the Brooklyn Bridge. Following is our updated coverage of the key POV metrics, processes and timelines. Impact! In its 26 seasons, POV has racked up an [...]

China’s Documentary Channel Financial Problems: More Context

2014 August 8
by Peter Hamilton

The ‘financial problems’ at CCTV that we reported last week relate to the “branding” of programs. “Branding” in China refers to: The financing by a brand of a production that has the editorial mission of presenting the brand positively. Example: ‘Inside the Porsche F1 Racing Team.’ The attachment of a sponsor message and product placement to [...]

CCTV9-China Doc Channel Exec Arrest. My Takeaways: ‘Flies’ vs ‘Tigers’ or ‘Elephants vs the Grass’

2014 August 3
by Peter Hamilton

The detention under suspicion of corruption of CCTV-9 Documentary Channel director Liu Wen last week is still causing aftershocks. Here are my initial Takeaways: That’s Respect! I first met Liu Wen at a quayside café in La Rochelle just before Sunnyside of the Doc 2011. He entered the café with his team, and all the [...]