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“Go Watch Cable TV!” How Parents Punish Kids Today

2015 July 24
by Peter Hamilton

Remember “I Want My MTV!”?? It was yesterday’s battle cry for the shift to cable / satellite viewing after a generation of dominance by over-the-air broadcasters. Consumers answered MTV’s call, bringing on new industry models, viewing preferences and popular culture. This week, I came across a stunning research finding. It captures the waves of change that threaten […]

“Binge-viewing is the New Normal.” And It Hurts Reality TV – TiVo Research

2015 July 10
by Peter Hamilton

A remarkable new study from TiVo Research Group captures how binge-viewing is the new normal for U.S. viewers. Overall 90% of viewers reported binge-vewing. It’s a viewing experience that promotes drama series, like ‘House of Cards.’ And it undermines viewing of reality series. And probably of documentaries and factual specials, too, though these categories aren’t addressed in […]

VOD Marketing: Five ‘Mission Critical Secrets’ for Cable, Netflix, Amazon, Hulu and More

2015 June 19
by Peter Hamilton

How to market your film for Amazon, Netflix and the VOD world? Kinonation’s Roger Jackson has been our generous guide during our recent focus on VOD. This week, we share the five critical marketing steps featured in Roger’s 19-point Marketing Plan. We added #6: Facebook Marketing. Here they are: 5+1 VOD Marketing Secrets, with many thanks to […]

A 4K Conversion & Social Media Unlock Value from the Archive. The Story of “Every Face Has a Name’

2015 June 16
by Peter Hamilton
efhan budget

Technology and social media create compelling new ways to reanimate the archive. These new solutions enable producers to tell fresh, award-winning stories, and unlock value from rare, historic footage. Those are the key Takeaways from our Case Study of the Scandinavian copro Every Face Has a Name.  Our Case Studies on the Archive are sponsored by […]

The Business of the Documentary & Unscripted Business. Thirteen Case Studies

2015 June 11
by Peter Hamilton

My newsletter features detailed Case Studies that reveal the life cycles of documentary films, factual television specials and reality series. We tell the inside story of each project, from development through funding, production and distribution. And we usually have the numbers: budgets, copro deals, box office, license fees and more. Why Case Studies? In my consulting practice, clients […]

OnScreen Manitoba Leads a Delegation of Producers to Sunnyside of the Doc

2015 June 8
by Peter Hamilton

OnScreen Manitoba‘s executive director Nicole Matiation is leading a strong delegation of producers to Sunnyside. It’s Manitoba’s first trip to the compatible market-by-the-sea at La Rochelle. The build-up featured my all-day workshop in Winnipeg on how to approach an international market, plus one-on-one prep with the delegates. The Sunnyside team has been very supportive by […]

Amazon Instant Video: Strategy for Acquisitions & Original Documentaries

2015 June 3
by Peter Hamilton

Online retail giant Amazon will spend more than $1Bn on original video production over two years. The goal is to rapidly create an offer of original programming that is competitive with Netflix, the booming SVOD market leader with 60Mn subscribers in 50 countries. For the vast majority of their content, which isn’t original to Amazon, they look to […]

ITN Source Short Film Competition for Archive Specialists. Three Finalists. £1,000 Prize. Winner Announced at Sheffield Doc / Fest

2015 May 27
by Peter Hamilton

Three finalists have been announced for the 1st ITN Source Short Film Competition. The competition is an imaginative new way of recognizing emerging talent: Entrants were challenged to create a one-minute film using solely archive footage from ITN Source and music from Audio Network. The films had to use at least 10 archive clips, but had […]