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A very Happy New Year to all our readers!

2014 December 17
by Peter Hamilton

  Many thanks for a wonderful year to all my readers, sponsors, partners, editorial collaborators, operations team and friends. My adventure turns five next February. It has been the gift that keeps on giving. A highlight for 2014 has been my work in South Africa. Lots of gratitude to ATFT and South African Indies for […]

Public Television Funding: Comparison Across 18 Western Countries

2014 December 10
by Peter Hamilton

What is the level of government funding for public broadcasters worldwide? How important are commercial revenue streams in the mix? These questions matter at a time when public television faces fierce cutbacks from ideologically-driven governments. That’s certainly the situation in Australia, where the governing Coalition announced a $254 mn cutback for the ABC, and proposed a doubling […]

AIDS: ‘The Rise of the Killer Virus’ A Case Study in an International Co-pro Event

2014 November 30
by Peter Hamilton

The Rise of the Killer Virus is a scientific detective story that traces the pre-history of HIV back to its moment of origination in Africa around 1908. The film asks the difficult question: How and why does the interspecies transmission of a virus take place? It takes us back to the first chapter of HIV […]

Nonfiction Producers Association (US) at DISCOP Africa

2014 November 25
by Peter Hamilton

At DISCOP in Joburg, we caught up with Rick Feldman, the executive director of the new US Nonfiction Producers Association. Rick was a longtime head of NATPE. Here’s Rick with the latest on his new role: You can read more at: Takeaways US producers and their creative communities lack many of the workplace rights and […]

DISCOP AFRICA 2014: A Bustling and Optimistic Event. Videos & Takeaways

2014 November 13
by Peter Hamilton

Last week’s DISCOP in Joburg was a revelation. Africa has scale. And is coming alive: A continent-wide market of 1.2 Bn people. New channels and platforms are being launched across 55 countries. 30% year-to-year growth in attendance at the market. And an uplifting, optimistic atmosphere. Sales! What Sales? Annual TV sales in Africa have shot […]

PBS Comes Back: Beyond the Super-hits ‘The Roosevelts’ & ‘Downton Abbey.’ A Lesson for History?

2014 November 6
by Peter Hamilton

At MIPCOM, I caught up with Beth Hoppe who heads national programming for PBS. I had long wanted to publish a snapshot of PBS and its remarkable recent performance. Here we go, with input from Beth and her colleagues. HOLDING STEADY… PBS viewing held steady over a decade of erosion for broadcasters, and surged nearly 40% since 2008-09. The commercial free-to-air […]

South African Delegates come to WCSFP, Hong Kong

2014 November 3
by Peter Hamilton

South African Indies heads to Hong Kong South African Indies is sending a strong delegation of emerging producers to World Congress in Hong Kong. The effort is funded by the RSA Department of Trade & Industry, and supported by the Gauteng provincial film commission. The filmmakers are excited about joining the WCSFP member community. Here […]

‘Pitching in the Rain’ … MIPCOM Takeaways

2014 October 21
by Peter Hamilton

MIPCOM 2014 was hard. It began to rain on Sunday, and it poured on and off until Wednesday. Meetings often ran late or were cancelled. People were soaked and uncomfortable. So what did I learn at arguably the world’s leading international video marketplace? Several Takeaways stuck in my mind after days of dashing around Cannes […]