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Sunny Side Videos: Select Trends in China, U.S., Germany, Singapore, Asia, Europe, South Africa, Taiwan, France and More

2015 August 25
by Peter Hamilton

Sunny Side 2015 revealed lots of valuable insights into the development, production and distribution of documentaries and unscripted television programs. Here are nine brief video interviews with industry leaders, from CICC China, Nat Geo Wild U.S., South African Indies, ChannelNewsAsia Singapore, 422 South Graphics UK, France 3,  EUROVISION Science & Knowledge Group, the Taiwan Film Institute, and Autentic Germany. […]

UK Viewing Snapshot: The Highest-rated Program for 40+ Networks

2015 August 19
by Peter Hamilton

Continuing our snapshot of UK unscripted viewing, following is a list that captures the highest-rated program for each of the major terrestrial broadcasters and their digital brands. The data conveys the scale of viewing for the genre and highlights the major players. And in the next table, the spotlight falls on the vast gulf between UK broadcasters and the […]

UK Ratings: Top 50+ Documentary & Lifestyle Programs in 2015

2015 August 11
by Peter Hamilton

This week, we briefly cover the 50+ highest-rated Factual + Lifestyle programs in the UK for 2015, Year-to-Date. Who Guessed? I phoned several UK producers, and none of them correctly guessed #1. The BBC’s Countryfile came in on top (13.2 rating / 7.7mn). For 25+ years, this weekly hour has drawn viewers to its snapshots of rustic British […]

Citizens United: Rightwing Documentary Studio With Zero Hits But a Huge Home Run

2015 August 6
by Peter Hamilton

Documentary producers aim to move the needle. Shift the conversation. Make an impact. And hopefully make some money, too. But only one documentary producer has been the catalyst for a far-reaching shift in American governance. That’s Citizens United! Citizens United’s determination to promote its film, “Hillary: The Movie” during a presidential primary season led to […]

The Sunny Side Vibe: More Takeaways from South Africa, Beijing & Taiwan, Australia and France

2015 August 4
by Peter Hamilton
Sunny Side 2011

Beginning with Ruby Chen on the dock, following are insightful delegate interviews captured by Madelyn Most in compatible La Rochelle. Ruby Chen is co-Founder and CEO of CNEX  Foundation based in Beijing China which is dediated to supporting artistic documentaries about contemporary Chinese life. Marie Ange Billot-Thebaud is a writer, director, producer of Jatropha Films Productions based in […]

BBC Storyville’s Nick Fraser Speaks Out at Sunnyside. Plus Yves Jeanneau, Mette Hoffman and Ove Jensen

2015 August 3
by Peter Hamilton

It’s hard to beat Sunnyside of the Doc for relaxed access to potential buyers and partners. This year, Madelyn Most put her Sunnyside access to great use by creating a series of video vignettes of industry leaders and new market participants. The BBC’s Nick Fraser was her first interview. His Storyville strand on BBC4 is a […]

“Go Watch Cable TV!” How Parents Punish Kids Today

2015 July 24
by Peter Hamilton

Remember “I Want My MTV!”?? It was yesterday’s battle cry for the shift to cable / satellite viewing after a generation of dominance by over-the-air broadcasters. Consumers answered MTV’s call, bringing on new industry models, viewing preferences and popular culture. This week, I came across a stunning research finding. It captures the waves of change that threaten […]

“Binge-viewing is the New Normal.” And It Hurts Reality TV – TiVo Research

2015 July 10
by Peter Hamilton

A remarkable new study from TiVo Research Group captures how binge-viewing is the new normal for U.S. viewers. Overall 90% of viewers reported binge-vewing. It’s a viewing experience that promotes drama series, like ‘House of Cards.’ And it undermines viewing of reality series. And probably of documentaries and factual specials, too, though these categories aren’t addressed in […]