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U.S. Presidential Election 2016: Why Polling Missed the Mark. Trump’s Secret Research Weapon

2016 December 13
by Peter Hamilton

My valued colleague Dr. John Morse attended the ARF (Advertising Research Foundation) symposium on the Election and Polling Research. The panel shed light on how Hillary Clinton convincingly carried the popular vote, but was narrowly defeated in enough states to lose the archaic electoral college. Here are John’s recap and key insights: The difference between what people […]

The Rightwing Documentary Producers Who Are Shaping Trump’s America

2016 December 1
by Peter Hamilton

By Gregory Crofton, publisher and editor of President-elect Donald J. Trump’s new right-hand men David Bossie and Steve Bannon are committed producers of hard Right documentaries. We spoke to Bossie last year about the film studio he led as president and chairman of Citizens United (CU), a conservative political advocacy group. CU has produced […]

WCSFP: Where to Drink, Eat and Swim in Hipster Stockholm. Plus Designer Shopping, Museums and more…

2016 November 26
by Peter Hamilton

Our son James Hamilton teaches and practices architecture in beautiful Stockholm. It’s become my #3 home town after Melbourne and New York, with countless lovely city landscapes, and of course great food… For visiting guests at their wedding last summer, Malin Heyman and James prepared this list of Stockholm highlights, and I’m sharing it here […]

The Fidel Archive Case Study: Inside a PBS / NGC International Coproduction

2016 November 26
by Peter Hamilton

(Originally published, September 21, 2014). The PBS/NGCI documentary The Fidel Castro Tapes caught our attention with its compelling and unseen footage of the Cuban revolution and the Cold War drama that followed. We wondered about the challenges of creating an archive-based film about an 88-year old Spanish-speaking personality who can be dangerously controversial, and who […]

The Archive Comes Back in the ‘Post-Schedule Documentary Economy’. Interview with Peter Hamilton & Tom Jennings for

2016 November 12
by Peter Hamilton

Is the archive on the way back? We think so, and we explored the factors driving changes in the archive landscape with‘s David Seevers in an interview with myself and Peabody Award-winning producer Tom Jennings.’s coverage of the archive is sponsored by ITN Source. FN: In a recent edition of, you noted that “History channel’s […]

WildLIVE! Crocodiles Attack. Blue Whales Surface. Real Time Takeaways from Wildscreen

2016 November 1
by Peter Hamilton

This week, we capture the highlights of my Wildscreen panel on LIVE wildlife programming. Here is the panel description: WildLIVE! Understanding the Trend towards Real Time Wildlife Programming: LIVE video is the hottest trend on Facebook and in social media today. How are wildlife programmers riding the LIVE wave? BIG BLUE LIVE from the BBC […]

Facebook Video: Most Watched Publishers, September 2016

2016 October 25
by Peter Hamilton

Who are the BIG GUNS in the Wild West of Social Media Video? Video is the fastest growing segment of the social media industry. Facebook has 1.57 billion mobile Monthly Active Users, and dominates video: Over 7.9 million videos were uploaded directly to FB last month. They generated over 208 billion views… For 1.1 million +/- […]

mipcom Takeaways: Ten Tips for Working with a Distributor

2016 October 18
by Peter Hamilton

How can a producer best establish a winning relationship with a distributor? Creative Europe Media sponsored a workshop on distribution at mipcom that was moderated by Jone Aldave and featured Windrose’s Pauline Mazenod. The workshop complements our unique post on how a documentary distributor like Windrose manages its workflow at a major industry events like mipcom. […]