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On BBC4: ‘The Polio Story: The Vaccine That Changed The World’ Triples Average Audience for its Slot

2015 March 15
by Peter Hamilton

Just in: The Polio Story earned ‘three times the average audience for its slot.’ Tonight on BBC Four: ‘The Polio Story: The Vaccine That Changed The World’ This is possibly one of the most inspirational stories of the 20th century. Polio was one of every parent’s nightmare. It was 1952, and polio gripped the world in […]

MIPDoc Panels: ‘Going Global & Digital’ / ‘Getting Funders + Incentives’

2015 March 13
by Peter Hamilton

Watch out for two big, expert panels at MIPDoc that I will happily moderate: Producers Toolbox : Bright Ways To Go Global & Digital, Sunday 12 April at 9.30 in Agora Room: A highly relevant question in the new multifaceted landscape of today. Stay ahead of the curve and discover first-hand how to work with new digital […]

ITN Source & Announce Sponsor Partnership

2015 March 10
by Peter Hamilton

We are delighted to launch a full year sponsor partnership with ITN Source, the footage licensing division of leading news and multimedia content provider, ITN. The sponsorship will support our coverage of the use of the archive in documentary films. Our unique and detailed Case Studies in the History genre include: Origin of the Killer Virus MLK […]

Condolences Following Copenhagen Attacks / EDN Docs in Thessaloniki Master Class, March 19

2015 February 16
by Peter Hamilton

I was in the middle of arranging a workshop in Thessaloniki sponsored by EDN, the European Documentary Network, when news broke of the Copenhagen attacks. The events turned out to be closer to our friends than we could have imagined. I learned from EDN’s Ove Jensen that murdered filmmaker Finn Norgaard shared an office with his […]

From New York Times: CCTV, China’s Propaganda Tool, Finds Itself at Center of Antigraft Drive

2015 February 15
by Peter Hamilton

The New York Times’ Edward Wong reports this weekend on events sweeping CCTV, China’s national broadcaster. He describes the intra-party fighting and allegations of corruption that have dashed CCTV’s reputation. A further casualty is the high expectation among Western producers and channels that China was rapidly becoming a reliable buyer and financial partner. Chengdu during Asian Side […]

Asian Side of the Doc, Xiamen, March 17-20, 2015. Connecting with the Asian Factual Market

2015 February 9
by Peter Hamilton

Asian Side of the Doc is a must-attend coproduction platform and program sales market for documentaries and specialist factual in Asia. Asian Side of the Doc 2015 follows the sold-out success in Chengdu (China) last year: 1500m² market 120 exhibiting companies 130 decision makers 650 documentary professionals from 45 countries. Xiamen The 6th edition of Asian Side of […]

Realscreen 2015. Ten Takeaways: More Delegates. Snow-zilla. Uncertainty. Scale. Humble. Fear. Back to Content? Diversity.

2015 February 6
by Peter Hamilton
RS Delegates

I really enjoyed last week’s Realscreen Summit. It felt like the end of one era and the beginning of …???? Definitely of… Uncertainty!! That’s what made Realscreen so interesting: A lot of disruption. Which is always a good thing for senior consultants. Here are my Takeaways: 1. Congrats to the Organizers! The Toronto-based B2B publisher & […]

Super Bowl by the Second: The Top 10 Commercials from TiVo Research

2015 February 3
by Peter Hamilton

At last week’s Realscreen Summit, the turnout at our excellent panel on audience research indicated a strong interest by unscripted professionals in research tools and how they impact programming decisions. I’ll post my findings from the panel soon. Our discussion did touch on second-by-second ratings. Although Super Bowl XLIX is off our factual content focus, this […]