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The LOST Kennedy Home Movies – Unlocking an Archival Treasure for History U.S.

2017 May 29
by Peter Hamilton

Today is John F. Kennedy’s 100th birthday, which we recognize by republishing our “Lost Kennedy Home Movies Case Study” which was originally published on another anniversary, November 22, 2013. ‘The LOST Kennedy Home Movies’ is a History U.S. special that captures our lasting fascination with the Kennedy’s. It is a reminder on a harsh anniversary, that […]

Donald Trump and the Rightwing Documentary Ecosystem

2017 May 23
by Peter Hamilton

Last week, in the darkest days yet of his presidency, Donald Trump made a call for help. It was to a prolific documentary producer. David Bossie led a small rightwing nonprofit in Washington DC. He was inspired by Michael Moore’s “Fahrenheit 9/11” to turn to documentary production. His effort resulted in a historic Supreme Court […]


2017 May 16
by Peter Hamilton

My “Facebook Originals Are Coming!” post was translated by our friends at Content China. China’s documentary sector has been a regular subject of analysis in this newsletter. The promise of the early years of this century were frustrated by an array of regulatory and commercial factors. However, I can see that the pendulum is shifting. China’s VOD services […]

Facebook Originals Are Coming! Update: What Will They Pay?

2017 May 8
by Peter Hamilton

Facebook aims to launch its slate of commissioned programs next month. There are two buckets for the 24+/- greenlights to date: Signature, bigger budget programs “Shorter, less expensive shows of about 5- 10 minutes that would refresh every 24 hours.” Reporters Nathan McAlone and Alex Heath uncovered some of the mystery of Facebook video in […]

Cezame: Your Partner in Creating Music for Documentaries

2017 May 5
by Peter Hamilton

Cezame Music Agency was originally dedicated exclusively to music for documentaries. Founded and led by Frédéric Leibovitz since 2003, Cezame has since stood true to its roots in the documentary production process. Original Compositions: We are constantly producing original music with the conviction that music for image is a vital creative field in its own right. […]

Netflix: Licensed and Not Original Shows Dominate the SVOD Giant’s TV Streams

2017 May 2
by Peter Hamilton

Netflix is a lot like Discovery Channel in the late 1980’s. Like Discovery back in the day, Netflix viewers watch a lot more acquisitions than original commissions. Only 15% of its total U.S. streams in 1Q ’17 were for Netflix Originals. More than than 85% were licensed acquisitions. Those findings were reported by research firm […]

ITVS: $191+ Million Spent on Independent Productions Since 1990

2017 April 25
by Peter Hamilton

I Am Not Your Negro would have earned my vote for the Feature Documentary Oscar for 2017. ITVS was a key funder of Raoul Peck’s marvelous film which envisions the book James Baldwin never finished, a radical narration about race in America. ITVS’s contribution to independent documentaries deserves a big cheer at this moment when publicly […]

MIPDoc Takeaways: Here Comes Amazon Prime, The Big Disrupter of the Video Industry

2017 April 23
by Peter Hamilton

MIPDoc and MIPTV made a big impression this year because my panels and conversations revealed how quickly our video ecosystem is accelerating into the online era. Here are my Takeaways: Amazon Prime: The Big Disrupter. A very welcome contributor to my ‘MIPDoc Coproduction Summit’ panel was Conrad Riggs, the head of Amazon’s Unscripted Originals unit. Mr […]