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  • International Documentary Buyer's Guide 2014-15

Who’s Hot? ID’s ‘Pulp Faction’ and Other Unscripted US Network Winners, 1Q 2014 vs 1Q 2013

2014 May 12
by Peter Hamilton

The tide of Unscripted US networks keeps on rising: Viewing is up 3% year-to-year for our bucket 0f factual channels. And that steady growth partly explains why Pawn Stars producer Leftfield Pictures was valued at $450 million in its sale last week to ITV Studios. But the boats rise and fall unevenly: Following is our snapshot [...]

ITV Studios to ‘Pawn Stars’ Producer: “You’re worth US$450 Million!”

2014 May 8
by Peter Hamilton

Leftfield Pictures was launched in 2007, backed by a stake of $20,000. That valuation now rounds up to US$ half a billion! We have been covering ‘the rise and rise’ of Leftfield. Our aim was to establish the narrative for a hit series. And identify the Key Success Factors for Reality TV producers and programmers. [...]

How Much? The ‘Rule of Thumb’ for Co-pro’s, Acquisitions and Pre-sales by Off the Fence’s Bo Stehmeier. A MIPDoc 2014 Highlight

2014 May 5
by Peter Hamilton

Money Matters: Finding Finance Workshop MIPDoc, April 5, 2014. Bo Stehmeier, Off the Fence, and Peter Hamilton.  After our packed workshop, Bo Stehmeier graciously recapped his important ‘rule of thumb’ for establishing the co-pro, pre-sale or acquisition value of a program in a given market.  This was the topic that generated the most discussion in the Q&A [...]

Canada’s Non-fiction Channel Ranker: A Snapshot of Discovery, History, Nat Geo and More…

2014 May 2
by Peter Hamilton

What are the viewing levels for non-fiction channels in Canada? It’s a good question to ask during Toronto’s Hot Docs Forum. Or maybe not, as the Montreal Canadiens take a 1-0 series lead over the Boston Bruins in the Stanley Cup playoffs. Whatever! This week: Canada’s Non-fiction Channel Ranker, and several Takeaways. Protection Policy US [...]

China’s Communist Party Bans More ASD/Chengdu Takeaways

2014 April 29
by Peter Hamilton

The Great Firewall of China blocks from our eager readers in China. My newsletter is not alone. Usain Bolt, I Love Typography and the Sacramento Ballet are among the torrent of WordPress-hosted blogs that are deemed dangerous by China’s one party rulers. (Old and New Chengdu) Why? The uncensored voices heard on the Internet are a threat [...]

China’s Doc Boom: Beijing Rejects Reality TV in Favor of Classic Documentaries. What’s the Deal?

2014 April 22
by Peter Hamilton

China’s documentary channels and producers, as well as syndicators led by LIC China, were high profile participants in the recent Asian Side of the Doc in Chengdu, and at MIPDoc and MIPTV soon after. With an impressive 650 participants, Asian Side has evolved evolved into a new marketplace/conference combination. This step up sends a message about China’s [...]

CCTV10: The Sizzle from China’s Science & Culture Channel, Reaching 136 Million Daily

2014 April 1
by Peter Hamilton

CCTV9 The Documentary Channel came out with a blast at MIPDoc in Cannes last year. Last month, it was CCTV10′s turn at Asian Side of the Doc in Chengdu. CCTV10 is the public broadcaster dedicated to disseminating China’s Science and Culture. The channel’s executive team presented an enthusiastic slate of new historical, ethnographic, nature and science [...]

MIPDoc: Over 1,300 programmes are waiting to be discovered

2014 March 30
by Peter Hamilton