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Vale Brian Beaton, Documentary filmmaker, advocate, and friend

2016 June 9
by Peter Hamilton

Brian Beaton was a generous friend of this newsletter and of my consulting practice. I was so saddened to read of his sudden passing. I learned just this month that as a young man Brian was a leader of the anti-conscription movement that opposed Australia’s draft of young men to fight in Vietnam. That took real bravery! And […]

Amazon Video Direct, the ‘Netflix Killer’? Analysis and Takeaways

2016 May 19
by Peter Hamilton
market cap

Amazon announced last week the launch of Amazon Video Direct. Most analysts reported that AVD is an assault by the online retail giant on YouTube and its User-generated Video (UGC) platform. That, at best, seemed like half the story to me. Amazon’s strategy is to dominate Video the way it does book publishing and distribution. Just […]

ACSIL Footage Expo, New York, June 9

2016 May 18
by Peter Hamilton

Join me on June 9th at the 2nd annual ACSIL Footage Expo, “where the world’s essential footage organizations meet up with media’s top players and visionaries.” I’ve been closely tracking a renewal of interest in the History genre by factual channels. The recent focus on dramatic reenactments has broadened to include specials that use the archive in fresh, […]

A Producer at Risk: Siberian Budget-buster! The Takeaways (Case Study 2/2)

2016 May 14
by Peter Hamilton
nep-ynn (19)

We continue our Siberian Case Study: How to manage productions in dangerous and remote locations. The post was first published in April, 2011, and republished here in honor of the fearless producer Vinnie Kraylevich, who passed away suddenly last week. This week: Takeaways from the Russian Permafrost. Last week: Producers, talent and network programmers push the limits That can […]

A Producer at Risk: Soviet-Era Nuclear Icebreaker Smashes Arctic Floes. And The Budget! (Case Study 1/2)

2016 May 13
by Peter Hamilton

I learned today from our friends at Realscreen that Vinnie Kraylevich had passed away suddenly. It is such a loss. Vinnie combined tremendous creative energy with an open heart. He was always prepared to share his wisdom and experience with his colleagues.  I’m particularly grateful to Vinnie because he helped set the editorial ambitions of my newsletter. Soon […]

MIPDoc Takeaways: A Video Interview for China’s Unscripted Marketplace

2016 May 13
by Peter Hamilton

Content China‘s Carrie Huo sat down with me in Cannes to chat about trends in the Unscripted video sector worldwide. The Mandarin-subtitled interview was aimed at China’s documentary and reality producers. The video is distributed on the ad-supported Media Plus China platform. It is worth a look just for the production value and ad load! Topics covered […]

Advertiser-funded Programming. The Factory Media Case Study: ‘The Indestructibles’ Reaches 34 Milion

2016 April 26
by Peter Hamilton
Factory map

Factory Media specializes in creating content in the lifestyle sports, outdoors and adventure genres. Its Advertiser-funded Programming (AFP) model signals an increasingly important area of opportunity for producers of unscripted content. AFP — ‘branded content’ in the U.S. — matters at a time when budgets and slots are being cut back on the channels… And VOD platforms […]

How Did Rupert Become ‘Rupert’? An ANZAC Day Reflection on the ‘Aussie Prince’

2016 April 21
by Peter Hamilton

For ANZAC Day (April 25), I tweaked my reflections on how the Gallipoli debacle helped make Rupert ‘Rupert.’ An Australian Prince: You can’t get a fix on Rupert Murdoch until you understand the father: Keith Murdoch was the son of a Scottish Presbyterian minister who had settled in the respectable Eastern suburbs of far away […]