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  • International Documentary Buyer's Guide 2014-15

US Unscripted Networks: How Many Homes Reached? Trends & Takeaways. Debut for the Smithsonian Channel

2014 July 2
by Peter Hamilton

Here is a July 4 Weekend treat: a snapshot of the estimated distribution universe of a majority of the US cable channels that schedule unscripted programs. The data raises the question: Is there a wave of cord-cutting that is eroding the channels business model? See my Takeaways below. International Documentary Buyers’ Guide, 2014-2015 20% Discount [...]

South Africa Workshops by ATFT / nfvf Documentary Funding Spotlight

2014 June 21
by Peter Hamilton

South Africa is a dynamic market right now. A combination of national and provincial funding is motivated by: Job creation; Development of IP; ‘Transformation’ which is the RSA term for empowering the populations left behind under the old order. The funding is in the form of tax rebates and various grants. And driving it all [...]

International Documentary Buyers’ Guide, 2014-2015. 160+ Key Contacts. Out Now! Save 20%

2014 June 4
by Peter Hamilton

An invaluable and unique resource for producers who are seeking international partners and commissioners. Created for the Hot Docs Forum 2014. 94 Network Buyers. 163 Contacts. 47 distributors. 11 funds. 8 digital players. 15 Countries. 200+ pages The slots. The deciders. Their filters. Special June Offer: $119.60 – Save 20% Regular: $149.95 Order and Download [...]

South Africa: ATFT’s Sunnyside of the Doc 2014 prep workshops in Durban, Cape Town & Johannesburg

2014 June 3
by Peter Hamilton

I am excited to be leading Sunnyside of the Doc Prep Workshops in Durban, Cape Town and Jo’burg organized by dti and ATFT - The Association for Transformation in Film and Television. Below and here is the letter from Zukiswa Boyce (ATFT) with all the workshop details including how to register. I hope to see our [...]

Australia on the ‘Threatened Public Television System’ List. Takeaways for Doc Creatives

2014 June 2
by Peter Hamilton

Next week’s visit to New York by Australia’s Prime Minister Tony Abbott got me thinking about the state of documentary funding in my homeland. The headline is that in its first budget, the conservative Abbott government took the razor to the key documentary funders: Screen Australia. ABC. SBS. And after the razor comes the machete! [...]

How Do Networks Select Programs? A Veteran Executive’s Ten Secrets. And How Producers Can Respond

2014 May 21
by Peter Hamilton

At Realscreen 2014, I invited Michael Cascio to share his Top 10 Secret Insights into the day-to-day decision-making process for programmers at US channels. I have long known Michael as a highly-respected senior programming executive for leading players in the channels business.   He has been a notable pioneer in the evolution of nonfiction channel programming. Here are [...]

Eleven Reasons Why ‘Preferred Producers’ Earn Repeat Commissions From Multiple Networks

2014 May 15
by Peter Hamilton

The question came to mind after last week’s stunning announcement that ITV Studios acquired Leftfield Entertainment at a valuation of $450,000,000. So why do networks concentrate their acquisitions on ‘preferred vendors’ like Leftfield? The answers help explain the current boom in valuations of non-fiction production companies. Following are my Takeaways from 20,000 feet. The Rise and [...]

Who’s Hot? ID’s ‘Pulp Faction’ and Other Unscripted US Network Winners, 1Q 2014 vs 1Q 2013

2014 May 12
by Peter Hamilton

The tide of Unscripted US networks keeps on rising: Viewing is up 3% year-to-year for our bucket 0f factual channels. And that steady growth partly explains why Pawn Stars producer Leftfield Pictures was valued at $450 million in its sale last week to ITV Studios. But the boats rise and fall unevenly: Following is our snapshot [...]