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Realscreen Takeaways: Location. Efficiency. Quants. Guts. Brits. Agents. Reality Overload?

2014 February 8
by Peter Hamilton

Realscreen Summit 2014 was a smashing success, at least for me. Why? 1. Location! Location! This year Realscreen moved to the Washington Hilton, where there was plenty of seating space, and this made it relatively easy to carry on a comfortable meeting. We used to call it “Real Scream” because there were so many glaring [...]

Who’s Hot? Who’s Not! 4Q 2013 Snapshot of US Nonfiction Networks

2014 February 4
by Peter Hamilton
Audience Gains&Losses 4Q13

The tide of Unscripted US networks keeps on rising – up 1% for our bucket 0f factual channels year-to-year. A key Takeaway is “There’s a hole in our bucket!” Why? Because many formerly niche factual channels are either: Commissioning signature scripted specials (e.g. Nat Geo / Killing Lincoln) and series (e.g. Discovery / Klondike). Or [...]

Al Jazeera Documentary Arabic: What’s the Strategy? And the Deal?

2014 January 20
by Peter Hamilton
Al Jazeera Docs Arabic Logo

Al Jazeera is doubling down on documentaries within its strategy to expand its role in television programming worldwide. I meet regularly at international markets with Ahmed  Mahfouz Nouh, the highly respected MD of Al Jazeera Documentary, and we discuss his network’s strategy, scale and operations. Following is a snapshot based on our conversations: Distribution AJ [...]

‘Butterflies’ Doc to Gross $40+ Million. Trends in the Giant Screen Market. Nat Geo’s All Time Top 5 Hits

2014 January 17
by Peter Hamilton

Jonathan Barker, CEO and president of SK Films updated and added depth to his analysis of trends across the ‘Giant Screen Museum Market’ which we published after MIPDoc 2013. Here are Jonathan’s Eight Takeaways on the GS market. A revised mini-Case Study: Flight of the Butterflies, which is on track to gross $40+ million. Plus: [...]

Asian Side of The Doc # 5, Chengdu, China 18-21 March 2014

2014 January 16
by Peter Hamilton

International Co-production Forum & Asian Doc marketplace for Specialist Factual & Documentary. Register now for the 5th edition of this key market for documentary producers, broadcasters and distributors. Four days of networking, meetings, pitching sessions, conference sessions and social events to connect you with the booming Asian factual TV market.Delegate registration is the key to [...]

The Myth of the ‘Cord-Cutting Implosion’

2014 January 9
by Peter Hamilton

So, what about cord-cutting?? Does a drop-off in cable subscriptions mean the end-of-history-as-we-know-it? Will ex-network programmers soon be competing with ex-producers and ex-newspaper scribblers for barista jobs at Starbucks? Our recommended analyst of video platform trends is Will Richmond. His indispensable newsletter is VideoNuze, where he recently debunked the ‘Myth of TV’s Implosion’ from cord-cutting. [...]

US Networks: How Many Homes Reached? Which Ones Are Gaining Or Losing Distribution?

2014 January 6
by Peter Hamilton

Leading audience researcher John Morse shared the most recent data and his takeaways on changes in the distribution footprints of 120 of the 500++ networks distributed in the US. Many of the channels are dedicated to factual programs and others offer a mix of nonfiction and other genres. The data is invaluable in helping you understand [...]

EDN Launches Two New Industry Calendars

2014 January 4
by Peter Hamilton

EDN has launched two new calendar functions at the web site. The EDN DOCalender provides an overview of international documentary events and The EDN Festival Calendar provides dates and deadlines for documentary festivals. Both functions have extensive search functions available. The EDN DOCalendar provides documentary professionals with an overview of important dates and deadlines [...]