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MIPDoc Takeaways: Copro Model Under Fire. Aussie Financing Solutions

2015 May 10
by Peter Hamilton

This week: two video snapshots of cofinancing trends after our lively panel at MIPDoc. Off The Fence Managing Director Distribution Bo Stehmeier (above) explains why there is a trend towards presales and away from copro’s. Context The further context to this structural shift is that the cab/sat channel sector has reached maturity and is tending to shed viewers rather than […]

MIPDoc Takeaway: Iran on the Launch Pad? What Does Press TV Pay?

2015 May 10
by Peter Hamilton

At MIPDoc, my attention was engaged by the prospect of Iran’s TV industry coming out of the penalty box of economic sanctions. Roohollah Rezaei, director of documentaries, Press TV, Tehran attended MIPDoc as a buyer. We struck up a conversation on the Croisette. (Poor audio.) Following are my notes and Takeaways. IRIB: National Broadcasting Authority Press TV is […]

NETFLIX & the VOD Explosion #2. Pitching Tips, Windows, Titles and More…

2015 April 30
by Peter Hamilton
Netflix HAnds

We continue our coverage of the meteoric rise of VOD and what it means for unscripted producers. This was a very hot topic at this month’s MIPDOC and MIPTV. Today: Kinonation’s Roger Jackson shares several insider Takeaways. Earlier: MIPDOC Takeaways: VOD / SVOD / AVOD Windows Explained. 1.THE VOD WINDOW IS ‘EXPLODING’ The Documentary / Unscripted category […]

MIPDOC Takeaways: What Does Netflix Pay? VOD / SVOD / AVOD Windows Explained.

2015 April 27
by Peter Hamilton
netflix acq

We hear of “Netflix panic” in the Cable / Satellite network executive suites. The Wall Street Journal says that they’re “freaking out.” Cable TV viewing is falling. Losses of 10% were reported in 3Q14, 9% in 4Q14 and an estimated 12% in 1Q15. Video-on-Demand is on the rise, accounting for around 40% of the loss in […]

Marlon Wayans: Celebrity Reality. Launching a Reality Production Company

2015 April 13
by Peter Hamilton

It’s no secret: celebrity cuts through the clutter on the TV schedule: That applies to documentaries as well as Reality TV. Marlon Wayans is the $1Bn+ box office earner who successfully launched the Reality production company, Workaholics Entertainment. Last month, Workaholics earned its 1st US network primetime commission. Their NBC show is I Can Do […]

Marlon Wayans: Celebrity Documentary. ‘Sweet Micky’, The Fugees’ Pras Michel & Winning Slamdance

2015 April 13
by Peter Hamilton

Sweet Micky for President is a Case Study in the marriage between a celebrity and his passion documentary. Tagged ‘When pop music and politics collide,’ Sweet Micky captures the eccentric campaign for president of Haiti by musician Michel Martelly. Micky was produced by The Fugees’ Pras Michel. Marlon Wayans is co-EP with our friend Steve […]

Discovery Communications CEO David Zaslav’s Compensation in 2014: $156 Million

2015 April 6
by Peter Hamilton

According to last Friday’s regulatory filing by Discovery Communications, in the first year of his new contract, CEO David Zaslav earned $156.1 million, up from $33.3 million in 2013. The package covers: $3 million in salary. $94.6 million in stock awards that vest over six years if Discovery achieves certain goals. $50.5 million in option […]

Thessaloniki Takeaway #3. Video: Trends in the Documentary Distribution Business by Jan Rofekamp, Films Transit International

2015 March 31
by Peter Hamilton

What are the key trends for 2015 in documentary distribution? Jan Rofekamp is president & ceo of Films Transit International and a veteran documentary sales agent based in Montreal. He has been associated with many classics and major award-winners. My top pick among these is Noam Chomsky on ‘Manufacturing Consent’. His catalog is here and […]