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    VOD EXPLAINED: Opportunities, Success Factors & Deal Terms for Netflix, Amazon and VOD Platforms

    • SVOD, TVOD and AVOD explained.
    • What do Netflix and Amazon pay for programs?
    • And other VOD platforms, like CuriosityStream?
    • How do their deals differ?
    • What are the revshares?
    • Do they commission originals?
    • Are their deals exclusive?
    • What are their filters and targets?
    • How can producers sell to them?
    • Plus: practical social media marketing ideas for when you have a deal.

    Features unique expert analysis from distributor Kinonation’s Roger Jackson and other industry players.

    The analysis uncovers the drivers of success across the booming VOD platforms that are disrupting the programming plans of established channels.

    Price: $39:95

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    Strategic Consulting Services


    Consultation on the Strategic Planning, Development, Production, Distribution and Social Media Campaign for Documentaries, Specials and Series

    For 30 years, Peter Hamilton Consultants, Inc. has advised leading producers, networks, foundations, investors and governments on their strategies for making the greatest impact with their documentary projects.

    Typical contributions include:

    • Analyze the strengths & weaknesses of your concept.
    • Develop your businesss plan & presentations for funders.
    • Define the strategic distribution options for specific projects.
    • Plan your attendance at a major market.
    • Evaluating potential distributors.
    • Arrange meetings with potential partners worldwide.
    • Review your creative materials, and much, much more…

    In this initial phone consultation and follow up call:

    • I will review your project or corporate strategy.
    • And provide an assessment with recommended Next Steps.

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    Consultation on the Strengths, Weaknesses and Recommended Next Steps for your Project that is in the Creative Development Phase


    Evaluate Your Documentary or Television Special Concept and Work-to-Date

    This initial engagement is designed to review a project that is either completed, or has advanced to the trailer / pitch reel phase. It covers a one-hour phone consultation, my offline review of your materials, and a follow up call.

    We will focus on my practical review of your work thus far, and recommend your Next Steps. For a project that is in development or a completed work, I will:

    • Review your concept and creative materials, including title, one-sheet, elevator pitch, sizzle reel / trailer and key art.
    • Provide critical feedback.
    • Review your revised concept and creative, providing a second round of feedback.
    • Analyze the strengths & weaknesses of your concept.
    • Provide guidance for your business plan, including your presentations for funders.
    • And provide an assessment with recommended Next Steps.

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    Consultation on your Distribution Strategy and Potential


    Evaluate Your Documentary or Television Special Project/s

    We will focus on my practical review of your work thus far, and recommend your Next Steps. For a project that is in development or a completed work, I will:

    • Review your completed project/s or development materials such as trailer, key art, etc..
    • Review the strategic distribution options for your project.
    • Evaluate potential distributors f or U.S. and international television, SVOD services like Amazon Video and Netflix, as well as Education platforms.
    • Outline typical deal terms, revenue potential, and related costs.
    • Discuss benefits / options for your attendance at a major market.
    • And provide an assessment of your project/s with recommended Next Steps.
    • For market ready projects, arrange introductions to potential distribution partners worldwide.

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    Sweet Spots: U.S. Factual Networks’ Production Cost Benchmarks 2015-16


    Production Cost Benchmarks for U.S. Factual Networks

    • What do 30 channels pay for programs?
    • For documentaries? And reality series?
    • Is our commissioning team paying more or less than our competition?
    • Do preferred producers earn a premium?
    • Does my pitch fall in the budget sweet spot for my target network? interviewed dozens of executives and producers to create a unique source of proprietary information about network budgets

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    Diary of a U.S. Reality Network Program Development Executive


    Veteran Development Executive Stephen Harris Describes How U.S. Networks Commission Factual Programs

    A How-to for producers on improving their chances of scheduling pitch meetings with commissioners, and then winning green lights for their concepts.
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    The Rise & Rise Leftfield Entertainment, Producer of ‘Pawn Stars’


    Pawn Stars became the breakout hit for History US that created Leftfield Entertainment, acquired recently by ITV Studios in a $450 Mn deal.

    • In 2007, Leftfield produced 1 television hour.
    • This year: more than 330!!

    Leftfield is the biggest winner of all in the Reality TV boom.

    • How was the Pawn Stars concept conceived?
    • And how did Leftfield execute so brilliantly?

    Our interview-based Case Study analyzes the 'secret sauce' behind Leftfield’s trajectory from a single hit producer to a leading international player with a head-spinning valuation.

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    Webinar: Getting to Greenlight: Five Key Success Factors for Non-fiction Producers


    In’s first Webinar with my special guest, veteran U.S. programmer Ed Hersh, I cover strategies and tactics for improving a producer's chances of success in navigating the network development process. And we'll explore how networks develop concepts from the pitches, through green light to transmission… and what YOU can do make sure you're pitching the right way.

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    CASE STUDY E-BOOK: Ten Documentary & Reality Projects


    Ten Case Studies document key moments in the successful creation of unscripted films and television programs.

    We cover concept development, the pitch, the network evaluation process, financing and deal-making, broadcast and theatrical exhibition, and the after-market.

    Our Case Studies address both U.S. and international projects, including Australia and Europe. They include hit television series and theatrical films.

    Our Case Study 10-pack is a valuable resource for producers, network executives, hopeful new entrants to careers in the nonfiction industry, and students.

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