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VOD EXPLAINED: Opportunities, Success Factors & Deal Terms for Netflix, Amazon and VOD Platforms

  • SVOD, TVOD and AVOD explained.
  • What do Netflix and Amazon pay for programs?
  • And other VOD platforms, like CuriosityStream?
  • How do their deals differ?
  • What are the revshares?
  • Do they commission originals?
  • Are their deals exclusive?
  • What are their filters and targets?
  • How can producers sell to them?
  • Plus: practical social media marketing ideas for when you have a deal.

Features unique expert analysis from distributor Kinonation’s Roger Jackson and other industry players.

The analysis uncovers the drivers of success across the booming VOD platforms that are disrupting the programming plans of established channels.

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The study features our original analysis of the booming VOD universe, including coverage featured in

It provides a one-of-a-kind perspective and source of data on the ‘Post schedule Documentary Economy’

The information and practical recommendations are highly valued by producers, distributors and platform operators.

Key topics are:

  • VOD / SVOD / AVOD / TVOD and FVOD Windows Explained.
  • What Does Netflix Pay?
  • NETFLIX & the VOD Explosion: Pitching Tips, Windows, Titles and More.
  • Amazon Instant Video: Strategy for Acquisitions & Original Documentaries.
  • Amazon Launches Documentary & Lifestyle Channels: The Streaming Partners Program Uncovered.
  • VOD Marketing: Five ‘Mission Critical Secrets’ for Netflix, Amazon and Hulu.
  • Discovery Founder John Hendricks Launches SVOD Factual Service, CuriosityStream.
  • The False Hope of Netflix. Leo Dicaprio Builds His Resume.
  • YouTube RED: A New SVOD Pipeline for Documentary & Unscripted Commissions
  • Vimeo: Another Online Player Commissions an Original Documentary
  • MIPTV Takeaways: Netflix, Amazon & Hulu Dominate the U.S. SVOD Boom. A Reality Check
  • AIDC Takeaways: The VOD Boom and ABC Australia
  • The VOD Boom Defined: Video Interview with Roger Jackson, COO of U.S. Distributor Kinonation
  • Amazon Video Direct, the Netflix Killer. Analysis & Takeaways
  • Amazon, Netflix & Nat Geo: Notes from the ‘Post-Schedule’ Documentary Economy


  • 44 pages + links and charts