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Sunny Side Videos: Select Trends in China, U.S., Germany, Singapore, Asia, Europe, South Africa, Taiwan, France and More

2015 August 25
by Peter Hamilton

Sunny Side 2015 revealed lots of valuable insights into the development, production and distribution of documentaries and unscripted television programs. Here are nine brief video interviews with industry leaders, from CICC China, Nat Geo Wild U.S., South African Indies, ChannelNewsAsia Singapore, 422 South Graphics UK, France 3,  EUROVISION Science & Knowledge Group, the Taiwan Film Institute, and Autentic Germany. […]

The Sunny Side Vibe: More Takeaways from South Africa, Beijing & Taiwan, Australia and France

2015 August 2
by Peter Hamilton

Beginning with Ruby Chen on the dock, following are insightful delegate interviews captured by Madelyn Most in compatible La Rochelle. Ruby Chen is co-Founder and CEO of CNEX  Foundation based in Beijing China which is dediated to supporting artistic documentaries about contemporary Chinese life. Marie Ange Billot-Thebaud is a writer, director, producer of Jatropha Films Productions based in […]

BBC Storyville’s Nick Fraser Speaks Out at Sunny Side. Plus Yves Jeanneau, Mette Hoffman and Ove Jensen

2015 July 21
by Peter Hamilton

It’s hard to beat Sunny Sude of the Doc for relaxed access to potential buyers and partners. This year, Madelyn Most put her Sunnyside access to great use by creating a series of video vignettes of industry leaders and new market participants. The BBC’s Nick Fraser was her first interview. His Storyville strand on BBC4 is […]

Thessaloniki Takeaway. Video: Trends in the Documentary Distribution Business by Jan Rofekamp, Films Transit International

2015 March 30
by Peter Hamilton

What are the key trends for 2015 in documentary distribution? Jan Rofekamp is president & ceo of Films Transit International and a veteran documentary sales agent based in Montreal. He has been associated with many classics and major award-winners. My top pick among these is Noam Chomsky on ‘Manufacturing Consent’. His catalog is here and […]

Thessaloniki Takeaways: Pitching Lessons. Access. Funding Strategies. NETFLIX Wins. And Great Food!

2015 March 24
by Peter Hamilton

The 17th Thessaloniki Documentary Festival & Market far exceeded my expectations. Here’s why! Video by US director Michael Galinsky, who pitched All the Rage about the back pain miracle worker, Dr Sarno. 1. A Lesson in Political Economy  Thessaloniki is the #2 Greek city. The horizon across Thermaikos Gulf is graced by snow-covered Mt Olympus, […]

The ‘Rule of Thumb’ for Co-pro’s, Acquisitions and Pre-sales

2014 May 8
by Peter Hamilton

Bo Stehmeier heads distribution at Off the Fence, and he joined Peter Hamilton at MIPDoc 2014 to talk about “Money Matters.”


Westdoc 2013 Producers’ Master Class: Feedback from Wuna Wu

2013 October 2
by Peter Hamilton

Wuna Wu came to WESTDOC to develop her Taiwan-based Reality series ‘Lets Fall in Love’. She shares her Takeaways on the Producers’ Master Class hosted by Ed Hersh, Stephen Harris and Peter Hamilton.


Wild Talk Africa 2013. Video Vignettes in which Industry Leaders Discuss Trends in the Wildlife Genre

2013 August 16
by Peter Hamilton

Wild Talk Africa was a tremendously exciting and well-organized conference focused on Natural History television that was held in Durban in July 2013.


Webinar: Getting to Greenlight: Five Key Success Factors for Non-fiction Producers

2013 June 24
by Peter Hamilton

In’s first Webinar, we covered strategies and tactics for improving a producer’s chances of success in navigating the network development process.

Ed is a media executive and strategist whose career encompasses print, broadcast and documentary journalism, non-fiction cable production and programming, and the rapidly evolving multi-platform environment. His focus is on creating signature storytelling and compelling content.


New Frontiers in Archival Footage – MIPDoc 2013

2013 May 2
by Peter Hamilton

The ‘MLK Assassination’ Case Study
Tom Jennings, Executive Producer & Founder, 1895 Films, USA
David Royle, EVP Programming & Production, Smithsonian Networks, USA
Moderator: Peter Hamilton


The Funding Workshop – MIPDoc 2013

2013 April 22
by Peter Hamilton

The Smithsonian Channel’s Do’s & Don’ts for Getting the Right Partners on Board
David Royle, EVP Programming & Production, Smithsonian Networks, USA
Moderator: Peter Hamilton


MIPDoc 2013 Interviews

2013 April 9
by Peter Hamilton

We recorded two short interviews on the fly in Cannes at MIPDoc.


Industry Leader Interviews, AIDC 2013

2013 February 24
by Peter Hamilton

AIDC Bites are short interviews recorded on the fly at the 2013 Australian International Documentary Conference.


How Do Networks Evaluate Pitches? H2 / Smithsonian / CNN / Nat Geo / ZDF at IMPACT 2013

2013 January 31
by Peter Hamilton

The Panelists
Paul Cabana, Head of Programming, H2
Claudia Ruete, Politics & Current Affairs, ZDF Germany
Jennifer Hyde, Director of Development, CNN
David Royle, EVP, Programming & Production, Smithsonian Channel
JC Mills, Director of Development, Nat Geo Channel
Peter Hamilton, Moderator


Westdoc Workshop 2012

2012 September 23
by Peter Hamilton

What Do U.S. Networks Want? How Can You Get It? A Network Insider’s Guide to Greenlighting Factual Programs
Stephen Harris, Producer, Workaholic Entertainment
Peter Hamilton,