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Thessaloniki Takeaway. Video: Trends in the Documentary Distribution Business by Jan Rofekamp, Films Transit International

2015 March 30
by Peter Hamilton

What are the key trends for 2015 in documentary distribution?

Jan Rofekamp is president & ceo of Films Transit International and a veteran documentary sales agent based in Montreal.

  • He has been associated with many classics and major award-winners.
  • My top pick among these is Noam Chomsky on ‘Manufacturing Consent’.
  • His catalog is here and at

We caught up in Thessaloniki where Jan kindly shared his Takeaways, which I captured on my phone.

He talks about:

  • Overall demand is stable, though with declining prices.
  • Producers enjoy access to buyers at small festivals like Thessaloniki.
  • European training workshops are valuable ebcause they help develop projects and mentor producers.
  • And more!


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