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Love Nature and CosmoVision announced jointly today (June 21, 2021) that the two companies have wrapped production on Osprey (w/t) (1 x 60;4K) a one-hour, blue-chip special that profiles the incredible true story of a pair of magnificent raptors, a life-long couple, as they reunite having traveled separately across continents to the same location year-after-year to raise their young. 

I am the delighted executive producer, having worked with extraordinary filmmaker Jacob Stenberg to help bring his years of work with osprey to audiences worldwide.

Jacob says: “Working with the osprey has been a highlight of my life. It is a true gift to share so intimately in the life of such a remarkable species. Rare to find a single animal so effectively demonstrate such dramatic and admirable life qualities: courage, mastery of skill, loyalty to a partner, and dedication to family. I am humbled to have been a part of their lives for so long and thrilled to share their incredible story with the world.” 

The documentary, a co-production between Love Nature and THIRTEEN Productions LLC (PBS Nature), will premiere on Love Nature’s linear and streaming platforms, outside of the U.S. and UK. Osprey will also roll out on PBS as part of its Nature series broadcast in the U.S market, and on Sky Nature in the UK. Blue Ant International will oversee the film’s international licensing and pre-sale opportunities.



You can read the full Love Nature / CosmoVision press release here
And watch Live from the Connecticut shore: Jacob’s marvelous OspreyLive 4K webcam reveals the intimate lives of an osprey family as they care for their new chicks. HERE IS THE LINK


My corporate clients since have included CBS, Discovery Inc, A+E Networks, Smithsonian Networks, NBC, BBC, PBS, National Geographic Channel, Global Canal + and Weather Channel.

For established players and newcomers, I assess concepts and strategies, study markets, create business plans, identify partners and negotiate deals, develop marketing strategies, and work on their successful implementation.

My firm has helped plan and launch dozens of factual platforms worldwide, most notably Discovery International.


I help foundations, professional associations, educational institutions and family philanthropies to create documentary content that fulfills their mission by ‘moving the needle’ of audience awareness and action.

Clients have included the Gates Foundation, Paul Allen’s Vulcan Foundation, the Rockefeller and Carnegie Foundations, Wildlife Conservation Foundation, Dalio Foundation, Associated Universities, Inc, and Sundance Institute.


I work with independent producers and production companies to plan, develop, pitch and complete deals. The work often involves partnering with colleagues who are experts in particular genres and formats, or who have senior-level skills such as writing compelling pitches or negotiating distribution deals. 

Audience Research

We provide comprehensive audience analysis related to your program or series based on detailed Nielsen, Comscore, BARB and other costly proprietary research data. My partner is industry veteran John Morse whose firm Byron Media serves leading networks and producers as well as start ups.


My government clients have included South Africa’s Department of Trade & Industry, Singapore’s IMDA, Abu Dhabi’s Investment Authority, Screen Australia, and Enterprise Ireland. This practice involves developing a national strategy for the client’s unscripted video sector, and training local producers to compete in the global marketplace.

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My newsletter Documentary Business is my ‘indispensable’ platform for sharing current industry analysis weekly with more than 25,000 network executives, producers and professionals in 150+ countries. I also create industry guides and courses.

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I am a frequent speaker, moderator, panelist and programming advisor at leading media industry events, notably MIPDoc, Real Screen Summit and Sunny Side of the Doc.

My workshops on business strategy for network executives and producers have included a series in South African cities for the Department of Trade & Industry, and at the Sorbonne University for French producers. 

At Sunny Side with Yves Jeanneau, late founder and friend



David Attenborough goes under in “Great Barrier Reef”

Executive Producer

Prior to “Osprey,” I executive produced “A Shot To Save The World” for the Smithsonian Channel and BBC.  A bio-doc about Jonas Salk and his discovery of the polio vaccine, Bill Gates is the film’s presenter, and his foundation supported its development.

As development executive for “Great Barrier Reef” I introduced David Attenborough to Ray Dalio, the hedge fund executive whose Alucia research vessel served as the richly-equipped exploration platform for the series.



A former CBS executive, I had earlier earned my MBA at the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania and prior was educated at UMelbourne.


I enjoy content partnerships with France’s Sunny Side of the Doc, a leader among European industry events, and Desktop Documentaries, Faith Fuller’s source of invaluable instructional and curriculum materials for emerging documentary producers.

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I am based in New York. My senior associates are located in the United States, Europe, Asia and Australia.