Nonfiction Producers Association (US) at DISCOP Africa

At DISCOP in Joburg, we caught up with Rick Feldman, the executive director of the new US Nonfiction Producers Association.

Rick was a longtime head of NATPE.

Here’s Rick with the latest on his new role:

You can read more at:


  • US producers and their creative communities lack many of the workplace rights and protections of, say, their UK and Canadian peers.
  • Except for a small handful of winners, even well-established US producers lack the IP and other assets that enables them to build their businesses so that they can be ultimately sold.
  • Their work environment is hammered by the shocking complexity and unfairness of the US health insurance system, amongst other business conditions.
  • ‘Reality TV’ suffers from a bad rep that does not recognize the scale of employment and economic contribution created by nonfiction producers.

This is a most welcome initiative, thankfully backed by several of the industry-leading players in nonfiction television.