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Sharing my marketing and business development expertise and decision-maker contacts: From hourly consults to long-term projects.

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    Strategic Consultation on the Strengths, Weaknesses and Next Steps for your Project


    Evaluate Your Concept, Work-in-Development or Completed Documentary, Special or Series

    This initial 3-4 hour engagement reviews a project that is in concept development, has advanced to the trailer / pitch reel phase, or completed. It covers 2-3 phone consultations of up to an hour, my offline review of your materials, and strategic recommendations.

    We will focus on my practical review of your work thus far, and recommend your Next Steps. For a project that is in development or a completed work, I will:

    • Provide critical feedback of your concept and creative materials.
    • Analyze their strengths & weaknesses.
    • Review your revised concept + creative, providing a 2nd round of feedback.
    • Provide guidance for your business plan, including your presentations for funders and potential buyers.
    • Advise on the most useful markets or conferences to attend
    • Share useful contacts
    • Define the strategic options for funding and distributing your project.
      • We will highlight the networks, VOD distributors and international buyers for whom the project may be suited.
      • Describe their key terms, including what they pay.
      • Recommend key resources, such as for production management / budgeting, legal and social media.
    • Recommend Next Steps.
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    Consultation on the Development and Distribution Strategy for your Documentary or Unscripted Project


    Evaluate Your Documentary, Television Special or Series

    For a project that is in the early stages of development or a completed work, I will:

    • Assemble a highly-qualified development team
    • Closely review the development process including pitch materials to ensure that they anticipate the market trends
    • Review your completed development materials such as trailer, key art, etc.
    • Outline the strategic distribution options for your project.
    • Evaluate potential distributors for U.S. and international television, SVOD services like Amazon Video and Netflix, as well as Education platforms.
    • Outline typical deal terms, revenue potential, and related costs.
    • Discuss benefits / options for your attendance at a major market.
    • Provide an assessment of your project/s.
    • Recommended Next Steps.
    • For market-ready projects, arrange introductions to potential distribution partners worldwide.

    The work involves 2-3 hours of phone consults plus my offline review of your concept, pitch materials or completed program. The initial evaluation is followed by my close engagement over one month on the development process and the resulting pitch strategy and deliverables.