CROWD-FUNDING: Documentary Success Stories



2 unique Case Studies on Crowd-funding:

  • Plimpton!
  • An Honest Liar
  • A Kickstarter Record for a Documentary is Set by a Nerdy Science Film!
  • “Who The F*@% Is Frank Zappa?” $1.1 Mn Pledged on Kickstarter
  • Chinese Documentary Smashes Crowd-funding Record


  • 30+ pages of detailed research and findings
  • Compelling Takeaways to help you succeed now
  • Numerous links to trailers, websites, Kickstarter campaigns, and additional resources
  • And much more!

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2 Case Studies

Concept, Development, Budget, Crowd-funding Strategy, Campaign & Results, Pitch, Production, Post, Delivery, Distribution, Takeaways

Each Case Study tells the unique story of the crowd-funding strategy and results for a quality documentary.

The studies describe the concept, development, budgeting, funding including coproductions and presales, production, Crowd-funding Strategy & Results, and distribution.  Plus my analysis and Takeaways.

The information is based on hours of interviews with the producers, their network buyers, and outside experts.

The study as a whole provides a unique mosaic of invaluable information for current or aspiring participants into crowd-funding campaigns. Projects range from artful documentaries, hit reality series, Giant Screen releases, and online factual content.

The Study includes information, with links, about the Top 10 and record-breaking Kickstarter campaigns.

The Crowd-funding Case Study twin-pack is an invaluable resource for producers, network executives, researchers and new entrants to the nonfiction industry.