REALITY TV CASE STUDIES: The Pawn Stars Super Hit plus Five Reality & Lifestyle Success Stories



Six unique Case Studies:

  • Pawn Stars:
    • The Rise & Rise of Pawn Stars and Leftfield Pictures
    • The Rise & Rise of Pawn Stars and Leftfield Pictures: Concept, Talent, Sizzle Tape, Pitch, Green Light, HIT!!
    • Leftfield Pictures after Pawn Stars: A Structure, Doors Open, Renewals, Pitches, Green Lights. What Next?
    • Leftfield Pictures, 2007-2013 Snapshot: Episodes, Hours, Networks
    • Pawn Stars: Leftfield Puts Casting Under a Microscope
    • Pawn Stars, The Inside Story: How to Create and Sustain a #1 Hit Reality Series (Panel videos)
    • Ten Negotiation Secrets of the Pawn Stars
    • ITV Studios to Pawn Stars Producer: ‘You’re worth US$450 Million!”
  • Celebrity Ghost Stories
  • Sweet Micky for President
  • Globe Trekker
  • A Producer at Risk in Siberia
  • Antiques Roadshow


  • 60+ pages
  • Based on my detailed, original research and findings
  • Compelling Takeaways to help you succeed now
  • Numerous links to trailers, websites and additional resources
  • Distribution of U.S. Cable & Satellite Channels
  • Network Audience: U.S. Average Prime Time
  • And much more!

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6 Case Studies

Concept, Development, Financial Models, Pitch, Talent, Risk, Budget, Funding, Pitch, Production, Post, Delivery, Distribution, Takeaways

Led by Pawn Stars, each of these six Case Studies tells the unique story of the development and execution of a successful Reality or Lifestyle series.

Pawn Stars, a global hit series and format for A+E Networks is covered in great detail, from concept to the sale of production company Leftfield Entertainment for $450 million.

The information is based on hours of interviews with the producers, their network buyers, and outside experts. The study as a whole provides a unique mosaic of invaluable information about character-driven series and specials.

The Study includes valuable practical information, insider data, and links.

The Reality & Lifestyle Case Study 6-pack is an invaluable resource for producers, network executives, researchers and new entrants to the nonfiction industry.