SWEET SPOTS 2020: Production Cost Benchmarks for 31 U.S. Factual Networks & Netflix


Production Cost Benchmarks for 31 U.S. Factual Networks & Netflix

  • What do 31 channels + NETFLIX pay for original programs?
  • For documentaries? Specials? And reality series?
  • Does my pitch fall in the budget Sweet Spot for my target network?
  • Will I lose credibility if my production budget is too high? Or too low?
  • Is our commissioning team paying more or less than our competition?

Based on my interviews with dozens of executives and producers to create a unique source of proprietary information about network budgets for commissioned productions

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  • Budget Benchmarks:Signature
    • High
    • Sweet Spot
    • Low
  • What do networks pay for programs?
  • Documentaries, specials, limited series and Reality series
  • 31 Channels: Discovery Channel, TLC, Animal Planet, ID, Science, Motor Trend, OWN, History, A&E, fyi, VICELAND, Nat Geo Channel, Nat Geo Wild, truTV, mtv, WE tv, Bravo, SyFy, Oxygen, Sundance Channel, Ovation, Smithsonian Channel, HBO Documentaries and more
  • Plus: NETFLIX
  • Key contacts: Who to pitch?
  • Industry leaders and digital networks
  • Pipeline: Hours commissioned each year
  • Household Distribution: The scale of the potential U.S. audience with year-to-year trends
  • Viewing benchmarks: Ratings. Target demos. How many are watching?
  • The deal: Producer equity? Or Work-for-hire
  • Branding & Taglines
  • Programming priorities
  • Recent green lights and promotions
  • Competition
  • Producers who are working with the network
  • Analysis, including mini-studies of the commissioning process for certain channels
  • Tables ready for import into your presentations
  • Links to program schedules