VIDEO ON DEMAND: Netflix, Amazon, Facebook, Hulu, CuriosityStream and More. Opportunities, Key Success Factors & Deal Terms


  • SVOD, TVOD and AVOD explained.
  • What do Netflix and Amazon pay for programs?
  • And other VOD platforms, like CuriosityStream?
  • How do their deals differ?
  • What are the revshares?
  • Do they commission originals?
  • Are their deals exclusive?
  • What are their filters and targets?
  • How can producers sell to them?
  • Plus: practical social media marketing ideas for when you have a deal.

Features unique expert analysis from distributor Kinonation’s Roger Jackson and other industry players.

The analysis uncovers the drivers of success across the booming VOD platforms that are disrupting the programming plans of established channels.

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These reports from the archive spotlight the growth, strategies and key business practices and opportunities for producers across the booming SVOD / Online Video sector.

The report defines the Video-On-Demand sectors:

  • SVOD (Subscription)
  • AVOD (Advertiser-supported)
  • TVOD (Transactional)
  • PVOD (Premium)
  • And FVOD (Free).

Topics covered include:

  • What Does Netflix Pay?
  • Netflix & the VOD Explosion
  • Amazon Instant Video
  • Amazon Launches Documentary & Lifestyle Channels
  • Facebook arrives: What’s the strategy?
  • VOD Marketing
  • The False Hope of NETFLIX. Leo Dicaprio Builds His Resume
  • YouTube RED
  • Vimeo Commissions an Original Documentary
  • CuriosityStream explained
  • AIDC Takeaways: The VOD Boom Defined by U.S. Distributor Kinonation
  • Amazon Video Direct, the ‘Netflix Killer’? Analysis & Takeaways
  • Amazon, Netflix & Nat Geo
  • Netflix Commissions Pop Science Series
  • Facebook Video: Most Watched Publishers
  • Facebook’s Originals
  • Amazon Prime Video Undercuts Netflix in Worldwide Rollout
  • Hulu: The Appetite for Documentary Viewing
  • Attenborough Tops Online Audience Demand
  • How to Measure Audience Engagement in Online Programs
  • Key data as the Online Video Revolution takes hold

The information is based on hours of interviews about industry trends with VOD platform executives, distributors, producers, and outside experts such as attorneys and agents.

The study as a whole provides a unique mosaic of invaluable information about the emerging VOD universe. It will help you understand this fast-growing market, develop your strategy, and secure deals.

The report includes charts and links.

My VIDEO ON DEMAND analysis is an valuable, practical resource for producers, network executives, researchers and new entrants to careers in the nonfiction industry.


  • 99 pages + links and charts